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Communication Design and Experience Design at Miami University

Design at Miami Ohio

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    Prepare learners for professional practice in areas of visual design and user experience.

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    Liberal Arts

    Engages thinking, knowledge, and skills from many disciplines to inform design processes, research, and outcomes.

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    Small class sizes where a cohort of learners work personally with faculty, visiting designers, and alumni.

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    Detailed Craft

    Learn traditional and emerging technologies for planning, developing, and producing digital and physical design outcomes.

Why Design?

As needs and desires change and shift with fads and movements, so does design. The need for designers who can adapt and respond is growing.

Why Study Design?

Learning by Doing

Design is best learned through doing.

Many Different Approaches

Miami University's liberal arts and experiential learning emphasis underpins the culture and emphasis of our program.

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    Client-Based Work

    Experience working on projects for clients and organizations in interdisciplinary studios and on special projects.

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    Students aquire professional experience through paid internships where they can begin developing career connections.

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    Study Abroad

    Learners are able to spend a semester studying abroad for one semester and hybrid design courses are to enhance their experience.

Design Careers are Unique

The sign on the door doesn't have to say "designer" for design to be part of your career. Design jobs can be found in agency, non-profit, in-house, and self-employed environments (to name a few).

Degree Options

With two options for learners with different skill levels, interests, and career goals, our program is available to a wide range of future designers. Both the Major and Minor in Communication Design have been developed to help equip students so they may reach their goals.

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    BFA in Communication Design

    Graduates earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Communication Design, which empowers them to seek careers in design at design firms and in-house design groups.

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    Communication Design Minor

    Learners who complete the Communication Design Minor can combine their design training with their major area of expertise, enabling them to use design to enhance their career trajectory.

Designers are (Self) Made

You don't have to come from a great art program to learn design... you just have to be prepared to think and work like a designer.

Different Abilities

Designing involves thinking, knowledge, and skills. In order to apply, you will need a visual portfolio, but don't worry if you aren't the best painter in the room. Designers must come with a range of abilities and they can be learned.

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    Be able to create engaging visual outcomes, write clearly, and present thoughts effectively.

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    Anything you make should be finely detailed, down to the last smudge removed. Be aware of your surroundings and pick up on the smallest cues.

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    Problem Solvers

    Enjoy the journey of solving a problem by developing engaging concepts, processes, and outcomes that meet the needs of those who use your solutions.

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    Systems Thinkers

    Be comfortable with ambiguity, able to see the whole picture. Doing so will mean that you can find the hidden opportunities within the messy challenge.

Engaged Learning

Design is multisensory and multifaceted, and so are the ways our program approaches learning.

Multiple Intelligences

For decades, researchers have challenged notions of one type of human intelligence (IQ). This research has been adapted for our program. Every learning experience in our program has been designed to develop and measure five different intelligences.

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    "Common Sense" or "Street Smarts"

    Meet deadlines, follow procedures, adapt to workplace culture, and work within limitations.

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    Critical Thinking and Reason

    Reason through problems, work iteratively, make well-informed, logical decisions.

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    Synthesis and Invention

    Generate inventive, engaging ideas and outcomes.

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    Interpreting and Expressing Emotions

    Accurately interpret and apply emotions in design work and personal interactions.

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    Collaboration and Engagement With Others

    Collaborate in teams, work one-on-one with others, facilitate consensus.

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