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Cheers! Welcome to Graphic Design

April 20, 2016
Dennis Cheatham

For the last two years, the Miami University’s AIGA Student Chapter has hosted a tradition in our program that’s worth a toast: The Mug Ceremony. Every new Graphic Design student at Miami is selected by a mug. Yes, you read that right, the mug selects the student.

Before the Mug Ceremony, twenty or so mugs are set out on a table with numbered slips of paper inside them. All of the students in the Graphic Design program (about 60 at any one time) get together for the Ceremony where incoming students  select a slip of paper with a number on it from a paper sack, then find the coordinating mug that has selected them. For the next three years, these students have a partner in design who will hold tea, coffee, water, and whatever that student is thirsty for.

It’s another way our program is personal… and also well-hydrated.

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Dennis Cheatham

Associate Professor of Communication Design

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