A Wall to Wall Internship. Hello Pittsburgh.

October 18, 2011
Helen Armstrong

An internship experience by Nomiki Frangopoulos

I spent my internship in the very artistic and cultural city of Pittsburgh, PA.  My experience at Wall to Wall Studios put me into the lifestyle of a full-time employee with parallel responsibilities, creativity and professionalism. I was able to work on a variety of design pieces that were featured in magazines, restaurants and parks that will all be in my professional portfolio. Overall, a fantastic experience that has given me the foundation to start a full-time position upon graduation.


  • Location, location, location.  Pick a place that you’ll be happy.
  • Be early for work, show your ambition.
  • Always speak up, employers like to know that you can think!
  • Ask for work. If you are light on the workload, ask for more.. they LOVE this.
  • Be professional at ALL times with your employers and clients.
  • Ask for evaluations on your strengths and weaknesses to continuously improve.
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