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Back from Sunny Phoenix. Pivot: the 2011 AIGA National Conference

October 18, 2011
Helen Armstrong

The AIGA Pivot Conference in Phoenix included a bevy of inspiring designers: Katie Salen, Chip Kidd, Terry Irwin, Karl Heiselman, Allan Chochinov and many, many more. Here are some memorable ideas from my time at the conference regarding the future of design:

“From things to experiences
From style to purpose
From finished to beta
From silo to ecosystem
From craft to business”

—Karl Heiselman , CEO of Wolff-Olins


“Beauty is still something to aspire to. The joy of that can give meaning”

“Bombard yourself with different juxtapositions.”

“Make an internal catalog of what matters.”

“Study things. Look for patterns around you.”

—Jakob Trollback, Trollback + Company


Advice from Terry Irwin, Head of the School of Design at Carnegie Mellon:

” —slow down
—live in and design for place (locality)
—focus on relationships not things
—ask how much is enough
—think in longer horizons of time
—mindful relation to other
—learn to connect the dots
—adopt new postures”


“Deep play is rigorous and structured.”

—Katie Salen, game designer and Prof of Games and Digital Media at DePaul University

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