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Modularity Permeates the Miami Design Studio

October 1, 2014
Helen Armstrong

What a fantastic weekend!

Industrial designer Richard Elaver led the xd:mfa students in a weekend-long Modular Workshop. Students from Graphic Design, Architecture and Sculpture joined with the xd:mfa program to learn what it takes to build an effective modular system. In a 48 hour period, the students shifted rapidly from sketches to prototyping. They examined organic and mechanical connections, as they considered both the form and overarching narrative of the modules that they produced.

Next week the students will engage with part two of the workshop. In this segment, they will embed electronics into their systems, transforming each set of modules into a network of objects. Professor Jacob Tonski will take the lead for this.

Click here to see more images from the workshop.

Look for Richard’s latest product design Joinks in stores this fall.

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