xdMFA Alumni Update

xdMFA 2018 Cohort: the Visioneers

Hello xdMFA Alumni!

We’d like to hear your thoughts about a few things happening in xdMFA. Please take a few minutes to share so we can improve the program.

xdMFA Destination Weekend Alumni Event

Every semester, xdMFA students in ART 650 Experience Design Studio meet at a different location in the United States for a long weekend of learning in context. We are thinking of offering time during these weekends for an alumni meetup as well as a short mentoring session for current students.

Alumni Directory

We’re developing an alumni directory just for former and current students. Please share if you will allow us to share your information in the directory.

Update Your Address: A Gift for You!

Please update your current address information below. This information will not be shared and will only be used to send you a token of our appreciation and some xd stickers!

xdMFA Alumni Update

xdMFA Alumni Update

If your address has changed since August 2018, please share it so we can send you some xdMFA stickers and a token to commemorate your time in xdMFA.
This address will only be used to send these items to you. Your address will not be shared.
Business name, academic institution and department, etc.
The directory will only be shared with xdMFA faculty, current, and former students.

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