BFA Degree Project Evaluations

Your review of BFA Slay Communication Design Class of 2023 Degree Projects is extremely valuable to our program’s growth and assessment. Thank you for your time and commitment to Design Miami OH.

BFA Slay Capstone Projects

BFA Degree Project Evaluation -2023

BFA Degree Project Evaluation -2023

Communication Design BFA Learning Outcomes

Use the following outcomes to evaluate the Degree Project Presentation.

Design Miami OH Program-Wide Learning Outcomes

People are intelligent in many different ways. Our program defines these Multiple Intelligences for Design as a model we call PACES. Please evaluate the BFA Candidate’s work using the five measures below.
Examples: on-time, followed criteria or guidelines, included essential content to ensure clarity.
Examples: well-reasoned, justified designs, met stakeholder needs, used iteration to improve work, made logical conclusions.
Examples: unexpected approach and/or design outcome, integrated unique content combinations, examined under-addressed concepts, implemented new media.
Examples: design that captured the right emotions for the communication, explored complex emotional content.
Examples: included a range of participants, methods that involved people and collaboration, empowered participants to have a voice in the work, considered communities and/or individuals as integral to the project.

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