Degree Project Self-Review


Reflect on your semester generating ideas, researching, designing, and presenting your Degree Project and answer the following questions.

Multiple Intelligences

In the Graphic Design program at Miami we use a multiple intelligences model to guide design education. While applied skills like concept, aesthetic, usability, and production are important for designers to develop, modern designers are called upon to be much more than “producers.” The multiple intelligences model allows us to facilitate learning and measure growth in five different areas. Not everyone will be strong in every area, so instead of performance excellence, evidence of growth is the most important measure of success.

The five intelligences we assess are:
Practical, Analytical, Creative, Emotional, and Social (PACES). Learn more about the PACES model at the Design Miami Ohio website.

Degree Project Self-Review


Think about how well you believe you performed in the following areas.
Examples: included a range of participants, methods that involved people and collaboration, empowered participants to have a voice in the work, considered communities and/or individuals as integral to the project.


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