Portfolio Submission

The Pre-Communication Review is a two stage process consisting of a first round Portfolio Review and a second round of Personal Interviews. Applicants will submit their portfolios, including artwork and their final project from ART 151, and a current Degree Audit Report (DAR). Portfolios must be submitted digitally as a Behance website. A link to the site must be provided.


The Behance portfolio should contain a total of 10 pieces of college level artwork:
6 required** (below), 3 additional from Art Foundations coursework (ART 102, 105, 111, 121), and the final project from ART 151. No high school art work may be included, but 1-2 pieces of additional work completed after high school can be a part of the portfolio if you choose.

**Required if enrolled in or completed course

ART 102 Color Theory & Practice
Color Still Life

ART 105 Technical Drawing
Birdhouse Project

ART 111 Design & Composition
Newsworthy 1-2-3 (thumbnail, value, and final)
**Word 1-2-3 (sketch and dimensional) OR Strip Studies 1-2-3

ART 151 Pre-Communication Design
Final Project

**ART 121 Observational Drawing (if enrolled)
Finished Observational Drawing (line or value)

A PDF of the applicant’s DAR is required. PDFs must be uploaded via the form on this page. Name PDF files using the following format:

Portfolios and materials must be submitted before 11:59 p.m. Eastern on Sunday, March 24. No late submissions will be accepted.

Questions about the Application Process should be directed to the ART 151 instructor, Mark Cela celama@miamioh.edu.

Use the form on this page to submit a portfolio to apply for the Communication Design program.

Design Portfolio Submission Form

Design Portfolio Submission Form

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Maximum upload size: 11MB
name your file: lastname_firstinitial_DAR.pdf