The Pre-Communication Review is a two stage process consisting of a first round Portfolio Review and a second round of Personal Interviews. Applicants will submit their portfolios, including artwork and their final project from ART 151, and a current Degree Audit Report (DAR). Portfolios must be submitted digitally as a Behance website. A link to the site must be provided.


The Behance portfolio should contain a total of 10 pieces of college level artwork:
6 required** (below), 4 additional pieces of curricular or extra-curricular collegiate work. No high school art work may be included, but 1-2 pieces of additional work completed after high school can be a part of the portfolio if you choose (ie. independent work, created for an organization).

**Required if enrolled in (and completed project) or completed course

ART 102 Color Theory & Practice
Color Still Life

ART 105 Technical Drawing
Birdhouse Project

ART 111 Design & Composition
Newsworthy 1-2-3 (thumbnail, value, and final)
**Word 1-2-3 (sketch and dimensional) OR Strip Studies 1-2-3

ART 151 Pre-Communication Design
Final Project

**ART 121 Observational Drawing (if enrolled)
Finished Observational Drawing (line or value)

A PDF of the applicant’s DAR is required. PDFs must be uploaded via the form on this page. Name PDF files using the following format:

Portfolios and materials must be submitted before 11:59 p.m. Eastern on Sunday, March 22, 2020. No late submissions will be accepted.

Questions about the Application Process should be directed to the ART 151 instructor.

Use the form on this page to submit a portfolio to apply for the Communication Design program.

Design Portfolio Submission Form

Design Portfolio Submission Form

Maximum upload size: 11MB
name your file: lastname_firstinitial_DAR.pdf