New Graphic Design Minor!

We are excited to announce that our new graphic design minor is approved and will launch in spring of 2014. Interested students who want to get a jump on the curriculum can register in fall 2014 for any of the available electives that are listed below.

Through this collection of graphic design-intensive courses and supporting electives, students will gain the skills and experience necessary to craft meaningful visual communication outcomes that will support their main area of study and career goals.

This minor is appropriate for any major, but we foresee that certain majors will have an especially high interest: marketing, journalism, communication, architecture, interior design, studio art, art education, interactive media studies, etc.

There are three key learning outcomes. Students in the Graphic Design Minor will gain:

  • An ability to effectively organize verbal and visual information for various audiences.
  • Experience in the processes of design thinking (concepting, prototyping, iteration, testing) to solve communication design problems in print and interactive environments.
  • A working knowledge of various aesthetic and design principles.

The requirements and courses for the Graphic Design Minor are below:

Prerequisite for admission to the minor
ART/IMS 259 Art and Digital Tools (offered this fall)

Core Courses
ART 343 The Art of Presentation
ART 344 Graphic Design Prototyping
ART 345 Personal Branding

Electives (pick nine/ten hours from the following)
CCA 111 Innovation, Creativity and Design Thinking
ART 256 Design, Perception & Audience (offered this fall)
ART 353 The Business of Design (offered this fall)
ART 455 Design History and Cultural Contexts
ART 453 Highwire Brand Studio
ART450 Alternative Hand Media
IMS 440 Armstrong Interactive